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Katie W.

When you listen to it, it's like you are talking to your 2 best

friends about dogs. It's different and refreshing. I'm just going to keep telling y'all how much I love it .

Sometimes There's Side Eye Podcast Logo

Christy M.

The episode I listened to today was a great reminder that when a dogs behavior changes to pay attention to it. And right after I finished listening to your podcast I made an appointment at the vet for my little old lady who has recently changed some of her eating habits.

Sometimes There's Side Eye Podcast Logo


I must tell you I am so encouraged to hear that I am not the only one that has things to work through and that I'm not alone in some of the things we have been working through. Thank you for sharing so openly.

Sometimes There's Side Eye Podcast Logo

Beth M.

I also meant to tell you that one of you said we shouldn’t feel ashamed about the dog we have. I’ve always had to crate Oly when people came over because he got too excited. I used to feel bad but he’s ok with it to the point I can just put a baby gate up in my office now and he just chills. He might come out once to say hi and go outside to pee, but that’s it. That’s about what he can handle...The comment one of you made helped me feel better about that

A Podcast about two friends having real and unfiltered conversations about dogs and people.
Listen as we talk about our lives with dogs, training, behavior, share some laughs and a lot of banter.

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